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Are you ready to uncover your passions, ignite your inner fire, so you can create a retirement that resonates with your true desires?

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As you approach this significant milestone, there’s a whole world of opportunities waiting for you. Whether you’re seeking a second career, looking to start a new business venture, or simply eager to explore your passions, now is the perfect time to chart a course towards your dream retirement.

Here’s What We’ll Do Together:

Reflect on your talents and strengths and find out what makes your heart sing.
Reframe those limiting beliefs and self-saboteurs to clear a positive path for reflection.
Reinvent you next purposeful adventure and create a roadmap to a successful retirement future.

As soon as you schedule your call, you’ll get a Bonus Quiz to help you pinpoint how you’re doing with the biggest roadblocks that are slowing you down. We’ll review your quiz results together on our call.

This quiz should give you, a pre-retiree, a better understanding of your readiness for retirement and areas where you might need more preparation or support. It will help you identify and explore your passions and interests as you transition into retirement. It will also help you recognize potential barriers you may face and areas where you might need additional motivation or resources.

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P.S. As a dedicated life coach specializing in retirement transitioning, my passion lies in empowering individuals to navigate challenges, define meaningful goals, and unlock their full potential. I’m committed to making a meaningful impact on your life journey as your mentor and guide, so you can create an exciting and purposeful retirement…



Working with Sylvia has been so insightful to dig deeper into who I am and where I want to go both personally and professionally. Using her wealth of experience and expansive and relevant resources we together are able to develop paths that help me explore who I am and where I am today and who I want to be and where I want to go in the future. Having this accountability to someone to ensure I stay on track and continue to look at a variety of options has changed the way I will move forward. It has been a real pleasure digging in and discovering so many possibilities about myself with Sylvia. She is an amazing coach and motivator!

– Michael


After an ugly divorce I was left feeling powerless, stuck in victim mode. I was struggling to decide if I should go back to work, retire or try and revive my small business. I signed up for Sylvia’s, ”What’s Next? Discover Your Next Adventure” and started to make real strides towards reigniting my life.
My friends asked me, ‘What have you done? You seem so much happier and focused.’ I said, it was Sylvia, The Opti Coach, she helped me find my way out of the darkness. I’m now working through her small business program to help me bring my business back to life.

– Sheila


Recently my husband and I immigrated from India to Canada. I am a physician and currently unable to practice in Canada until I complete several years of re-certification. In my new city I am only able to work at entry level positions which I found depressing and demotivating . I was beginning to feel very low and didn’t know where to turn. Until I met Sylvia, The Opti Coach. My life has turned completely around. Together we developed a health management coaching system which is now beginning to grow. Once again I am helping people to feel their optimum selves, just as Sylvia has done for me. I have found myself again!

– Kamna


I am an Indigenous councillor a few years short of retirement. I have had a long and cherished dream of creating a school for indigenous counsellors of which our community desperately needs. Sylvia is helping me to realize that goal with her resourcefulness and thoughtful encouragement. I am so grateful for Sylvia as our school is now in its planning stages and about to become a reality. This is the legacy I have always dreamed of leaving.

– Mahara

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